Teddy the Koala

Teddy Koala Pics v1

This morning my dog Monet was barking very loudly and wagging his tail madly. Then my mum saw a large black shadow in the bushes and I was wondering what it was. It was a koala! We quickly put Monet safely in our laundry. I rushed outside to see it. It was so cute. The only problem was, that the koala was on the ground under our lemon tree. It must have been very scared of our dog running around barking at it. I was worried it might get hurt or vice versa. The koala could hurt my dog. After I went outside and saw that it could not get out of our backyard, I turned to my Mum and in an excited whisper I said, “we need to ring the council.” Mum said we need to ring Fauna Rescue and they put us onto the Koala Hotline on Ph: 7226 0017. My Mum spoke to Don. He then organised for an amazing lady called Sibylle, to come out and rescue the koala.

First we got some water for the koala to drink and then Sibylle rang on the doorbell. Sibylle wanted to talk to the koala. She was making funny noises to have a chat to him. This seemed to help calm him down, Koala’s have very sharp claws. So only properly trained handlers should ever approach a Koala. When she put him into the crate to transport him, he was a bit angry, so Sibylle went to our next door neighbours to get some fresh juicy leaves to feed him. She then gave him a look over to see if he had any medical needs. He appeared in perfect health, but very hungry. We then took him two houses down the hill and released him into a beautiful clump of trees where he could be safe from our dog and our neighbours dog.

I decided to call him Teddy, because he looks so soft and cuddly, but remember as cute as Koala’s look, they are native animals and they need to be given RESPECT. Koala’s are NOT bears, by the way. They are marsupials and are warm blooded. Did you know they don’t just have sharp claws, they also have sharp teeth?



Teddy Koala Pics v3 At the windowTeddy Koala Pics v4 At other windowTeddy Koala Pics v5 Clim the Drain PipeTeddy Koala Pics v7 Freedom JumpTeddy Koala Pics v8 ClimbTeddy Koala Pics v9 Tree Climb

DINOSAURS ~ Rhoetosaurus


  • The Rhoetosaurus was first discovered in Roma, in Queensland, Australia
  • The Rhoetosaurus has a long neck like a giraffe and four thick legs like an elephant
  • The Rhoetosaurus  is a browsing herbivore. It liked eating leaves, moss, conifers and grasses.
  • It is approx 14-17m long and lived 170 million years ago
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Sumatran Tiger



This is a special type of tiger called a Samatran Tiger. Today I watched a tv show on people cutting down trees in a place called Sumatra. When people cut down lots of trees, they take away the Tiger’s home. It is very sad. People cut down tree’s to make paper, so it is very important to not waste paper and to recycle it.